SOMEBYMI [150ml] AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

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Main Effect
- Exfoliating
- Pore and skin waste care
- Inflammation
- Moisturizing
- Whitening / Wrinkle improvement

High-content (10,000ppm)?tea tree water extract improved trouble skin mildly and quickly
AHA/BHA/PHA and papaya extract, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) extract removes skin dead cell and body wastes
PH5.5 subacidity toner prevents trouble and keeps skin healthy
Wrinkle (Adenosine) / Whitening (Niacinamide), double function
No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergenic component
Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
Patent ingredient : P-PEFINYL (Sebum controlling component) FRUCTAN (Enhancing moisturizing)

️Direction of Non-irritating Toner (How To Use)️
After washing face in morning and night, soak cotton pad with toner, gently wipe off your skin and tap for absorption.

For facial area with dry flake build-ups, leave the cotton pad soaked with toner on the face and gently wipe off the skin after 1~3 minutes.

️ Content : 150ml

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