Nestle Milo Activ-Go Chocolate Malt Powder Softpack (2kg)

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• Natural goodness of cocoa, milk and malt to fuel you to take on your day • Contains ACTIV•GO with PROTOMALT, vitamins and minerals for nourishing energy • 2kg softpack makes approximately 66 cups of MILO with 30g per serving • Serving suggestion: hot or cold • Store in a cool and dry place (25•30°C) • Also available in ready to drink formats to fuel your active lifestyle • HALAL certified Why MILO? It provides the natural goodness of cocoa, milk & malt, and contains ACTIV•GO, a unique combination of PROTOMALT, vitamins and minerals that provides an efficient release of energy to help them takeon the day. Enjoying MILO Just add 5 teaspoons of MILO powder into a mug, with 200ml of warm or hot water, and your child can enjoy a healthy breakfast drink. For a milkier option, add 2 teaspoons of powdered milk. On a hot day, MILO can be prepared with ice. Everyday Energy MILO with ACTIV •GO contains PROTOMALT , Vitamin & Mineral , a unique malt and barley extract. It contains a source of nutrient that play a role in efficient energy release, muscle function and bone maintenance • essential functions for physical activity in children.   It provides protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12 to help repair body tissues, contribute to maintenance of bones, and promote red blood cell formation. MILO, ENERGY TO GO FURTHER MILO, the leading nutritious chocolate malt beverage in Malaysia was introduced in 1950 and has been known for its unique taste that Malaysians love. Today, MILO is the most popular beverage in Malaysia and remains relevant as a delicious and nourishing drink for kids to stay active through sports, building the champion spirit among children.   MILO works on sporting initiatives like the MSSM•MILO Games that have been nurturing sporting potentials and athletic champions since as early as 1960s. MILO sports camps and clinics are also supported and recognized by many sporting and education bodies.

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